Alarm Systems

The most effective way of security is an alarm system. The visible presence of an alarm system has a preventive effect. In addition to this preventive effect, the advantages are that a burglary is immediately signaled and that the alarm does not give the intruder the time to go about it quietly.

Types of Alarm Systems

So there are two types of alarm systems: silent and loud alarm. A loud alarm is not allowed in many municipalities because of the potential noise nuisance. In the event of an attempted break-in, a silent alarm immediately passes a signal through your telephone line to a private security company. You will of course pay a subscription fee for this service.

What are the alarm systems

An alarm system or alarm installation is an electronic system that gives an alarm when an event is signaled. An alarm system consists of a control panel to which a number of detectors are connected. As soon as one of the detectors signals an intrusion or an attempted burglary, the system gives an alarm signal by means of a siren and / or strobe light and via the telephone line to the control room (silent alarm). A panic / hold-up button and fire detectors can also be connected to this control panel.

Maintenance contract

Most alarm systems are armed or disarmed using a code keypad by entering a code at the entrance or exit. There are also other methods to operate the alarm systems such as with a key, keytag or remote control. To be sure that your alarm system continues to function properly, it is advisable to take out a maintenance contract with us.


All necessary facilities must, if required by the insurer, be installed by a company affiliated with a recognized trade association. We are of course also affiliated with a recognized trade association, the Association of European Security Companies.

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